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As this is the first English entry of this blog, allow me to take some seconds (and keyboard hits) to say „hello“ and explain a little bit about me and this blog.My name’s Andrew – better known in webspace as rabenaas or raben-aas, depending on the site – and I’m from Berlin, Germany. Being a person with maybe a little too much creativity for his own good, I have started doing roleplaying games at the tender age of 12. Like many others, I have played a lot of different games since then, until I finally had to focus on those few systems I actually had TIME to play.

I’m in my mid-thirties now and have decided that (for the time being) not only will I limit myself to three to four RPGs, but to share whatever I develop for my ongoing chronicles with „the world“ (this is you).

Why? Good question. I will ponder this a while.

So, apart from the occasional rant and ramblings, you fill find materials for three separate gaming experiences here:

KNOCHENSPLITTER (Bone Splinters), a SHADOWRUN 4.0 campaign located in BERLIN 2071+
ISLANDS OF LIBERTY, a CYB3RPUNK campaign (Cyberpunk 2020 with alternate background) located in NEWARK 2035+
BLUT + EISEN (Blood and Iron), a D&D 3.5 campaign located in my own fantasy-slash-steam-world of NESGAROD

The fourth RPG I play and really really love is BATTLELORDS OF THE TWENTY-THIRD CENTURY. Of this, however, you will find few material here as I’m playing a pre-published module at present (INJECTION) and all BL23C material available is in English, anyway – so whatever I have to say or write about BATTLELORDS you’ll either find at the BATTLELORDS WIKI or in one of the future publications of SSDC.


One of the BATTLELORDS maps I did that can be found in the BATTLELORDS wiki.

The last noteworthy item on this blog is the category ART OF AAS, where you will find examples of the freelance artwork I did. If you want to see more of this, please visit my gallery at Deviant Art or look into any of the new BATTLELORDS books that are being released in the near future.

If you just happen to be in need of a freelance illustrator – for roleplaying material, trading cards, video games, book cover or concept art or any other purpose – please send me a note, and I’ll see what I can do (or rather: I’ll let you see what I can do).

Now, concerning the above mentioned roleplaying items, I will try to translate at least parts of the Cyb3rpunk setting and the all-new RPG Cyberstate N.W.O. into English. If you think that’s a great idea, leave a comment below – the higher your enthusiasm, the higher the priority to translate articles on my priority list :)

In the meantime, you will find several English posts concerning the Cyberpunk genre, the Cyberpunk 2020 roleplaying game and of course Hello Kitty Guns on, where I have the honor to contribute articles every now and then.

So, once again: Welcome to the worlds of the Raven, and have a good time!

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