The headline was a typo. Typos are the universe’s way to communicate.

In the future, evrything will work

This is a public blog announcement of the fact that the quest for SCHWA has begun. If you don’t know what SCHWA ist, read this. Don’t follow instructions. Now.

This public blog announcement has four items:

Item 1: This blog will try to collect every trace left by the SCHWA corporation, including but not limited to the quest for remaining t-shirts, unknown or lost artwork-slash-texts-slash-websites and the current location of Bill Barker

Item 2: This blog will try to bring satisfied customers of the SCHWA corporation together so that whatever code has been implemented in our brain by the SCHWA corporation via VDT (visual data transfer) can be pooled and decrypted

Item 3: This blog invites all SCHWA fans to learn of and use the SCHWA corporation’s teachings to the end that new messages can be generated that follow the original code encoded by the SCHWA Corporation. The goal will be the founding of the SCHWA foundation as the next logical step in artificial trans-human evolution, as suggested by the World Operations Manual

Item 4: There is no item 4

2 Kommentare zu “Moron SCHWA

  1. Bill Barker sagt:

    Well, you have succeeded.
    My new site opens September 11th, 2009.
    Check out the animation on the homepage…
    I’m half way through my 4th book…
    I like what you’re doing.


  2. rabenaas sagt:

    Great to hear that you’re alive and well! I think I don’t have to repeat and stress that I like what you did with Schwa IMMENSELY, and that I’m looking forward to seeing your new stuff. Be sure to check your wikipedia articles (on schwa (art)) – some questions concerning copyrights have turned up there, and it would be great if you could make sure that more samples of your work can be seen/shared/enjoyed there. Also, I think many fans would be thrilled to learn of your wellbeing and current state on work and plans etc. Greetings from Berlin, Germany!

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