Blog | On the road to total control

If you still feel your movement is not surveilled enough, you should get this: A mirror for your car that is connected to a DVR recorder. It starts when you start. It stops when you stop. And records everything going on around you in the meantime. It’s great for court in case of an accident. And great for your insurance company, since defending your case gets so much easier (provided you are a safe driver. And who isn’t? Or dares to admit it?).


But stay Cyberpunk! If this thing is such a great thing for all „safe drivers“ out there, how long will it take the insurance people to work out a model according to the presently popular „if you are a good citizen, you don’t have anything to fear by a little surveillance, don’t you?“ credo.

Like: Get this mirror cam and save x% on your insurance.  Sounds SO much nicer than „if you don’t agree to get this mirror cam we’ll raise you x% on your insurance“, eh?

Helloo, Cyberstate, here we come.


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