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In this category, I’ll collect and sometimes examine „alternate future scenarios“ which may or may not be considered „Post-Cyberpunk“. As it has been said here and on many different blogs, „old“ Cyberpunk fiction has outlived itself, as we, now, live in a time that „was“ the future of the Eighties.

The Alternate Futures collected here are „Cyberpunkish“ in the sense that they follow the same pattern of „old“ Cyberpunk fiction: To see what’s wrong or what could get wrong in the world, and then build a future world upon this thought, creating a dystopia.

Any of the futures presented in this category might lead to an „alternate setting“ for the Cyberpunk 2020 (or the Twilight 2000, or Merc 2000) roleplaying game: Keep the mechanics, rewrite the history, drop the tech that doesn’t fit, adjust prices, and off
you go!

Shattered Union

The first alternate future in this category is „SHATTERED UNION“, a 2005 video game set in the years following the US presidential elections of this our very year 2008.  But see for yourself:

As the game itself is a tactical military combat game, it is centered around the military side of the New Civil War in the US. However, the setting of war-torn US makes for a very nice „playground“ for all kinds of adventures, indeed – „classic“ Cyberpunk adventures included (depending on the proximity of the saga’s central city to the main conflict lines).

For more info on the video game, visit wikipedia or the game’s website.

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