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In case you haven’t noticed: WOTC is offering „sneak peeks“ at the upcoming artwork for several D&D 4th Edition books. Yeah, I know: 4th Edition will be SO bad blah blah. Let me tell you something: Change is not evil by its very nature. So far, WOTC has moved D&D into the right direction. That is: Towards easier rules, better playability and generally more fun to play. Maybe YOU don’t need easier rules because you have played D&D for quite some time now and are (finally) familiar with all aspects of combat (grappling included) – but … not everyone is. And especially not those people out there who are just now thinking about starting RPG as a hobby.

When „we“ – when I – started playing RPGs there were no fancy computer roleplaying games. Your own mind was the best graphics engine there was – it still is – but modern MMORPGs and Konsoles are catching up. Fast. So, would I start playing Paper&Pen RPGs if I was a twelve-year old today? Probably. Because I LOVE storytelling. But I might find it hard to find players in a world where no one „needs“ to work (sometimes hard) for having fun anymore – just pay a feed, log on and go.

(In case the video won’t play, try this link)

I don’t know how the 4th edition will be. But at least I will WAIT AND SEE, and I have a hunch that the system will be more „lightweight“, maybe a little too much centered around tabletop miniatures, but well, as long as I don’t HAVE to play with little troll dolls I’m fine :) Bring on 4th edition!

(Besides: I like Tieflings!)

(In case the video won’t play, try this link – the gnome is SO great: „I have a lair! A LAIR!“ – „And I have a minion! Say hello to Francis – who’s my minion?“ *lol*)

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