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Even though the rabenwelten blog is currently lagging behind its usual daily schedule, I have by no means been lazy. Far from it. I am currently working on the Generation Z setting for D6, yet another Vampire Live project in Berlin I had to get out of my system, I have a SSDC artwork deadline to keep (you can see the smallest fraction of the picture in progress here, to the left) and have the honor to work on a short picture series for the Hellas RPG (Greeks in Space), too.

Apart from that, I have an adventure to prepare for sunday and a dayjob (and a cat, and two budgies, and a girlfriend (not necessarily in that order) and-and-and … and high blood pressure (I wonder from what?).

Anyway, just wanted to drop you a line. And to say that I have uploaded some new pix to the Art of AAS page. Enjoy!

You’ll find new pix for a preview of Transfer there, a new setting for the Universal Roleplaying Game URPG. The preview file was distributed at a RPG convention in Germany and can be found either on the above mentioned URPG website or here:

Transfer Vorschauheft

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