2S2B2F | SCHWA Surpise: Bill Barker Finally found?

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Breaking News

Usually I post stuff on Saturdays, but this has to go out NOW: After years and years searching for SCHWA stuff and its creator, the mysteriously vanished (read: abducted) Bill Barker has finally been found. Or someone is playing a very cruel joke on me. Anyways, this is what news have turned up on BOINGBOING a month ago (actually, it was blog reader Spearson that turned the news up for me – thx pal!):

I talked to Bill! He actually goes by the name William now. He sounds really good. It was a little awkward at first, not having talked in over tens years, but we warmed up pretty quickly. He said he needed to take the time off, step out of the limelight for awhile. He doesn’t have Internet on his ranch, so he’s been somewhat out of touch with the online world. But the awesome news is that he’s back doing art and he’s working on a new book and website! He hopes to launch the site in September. He’ll send Boing Boing more info as it’s available. It was so great to hear his voice, I almost choked up. It’s been way too long. (BTW: His friend David read Mark’s post and the comments to Bill over the phone. He was touched by all of the memories of Schwa that people shared and the kind words about his art).

Read the full article on boinboing.net

IF EVER there was a perfect date to relaunch the SCHWA corporationn’s website, it sure is in September this year, on 09-09-09! By some coincidence, I already wrote an article on SCHWA and set it to appear on this blog on 09-09-09, 09:09 hours of course, so be sure to check back here then. And share what sightings of SCHWA and Bill slash William you have had until then!


If you know anything or have a suggestion or if you have discovered a place with shirts/pics not already shown in this blog, please leave a comment. Feel free to post original or fan-made „SCHWA quotes“ as a comment. And remember:

Don’t follow instructions! NOW!


raben-aas is a licensed schwa operative. but what does that mean?

8 Kommentare zu “2S2B2F | SCHWA Surpise: Bill Barker Finally found?

  1. David Sater sagt:


    Check out http://www.TotalMediaBlackout.com if you are interested in the future of Schwa and would like to peruse the schwa archive: http://www.TotalMediaBlackout.com/schwa

    I’ve been working with William over the past few months and we are on schedule for the launch of TMB with all three origina books online and a new book under development!

    If you have any questions, I can be reached at david@totalmediablackout.com

  2. rabenaas sagt:

    Thanks for your update on this. Gosh, I never expected to hear anything about (not to mention FROM) Bill/William Barker ever again. Looking forward to the new book. AAS

  3. Xan-Kun Clark-Davis sagt:

    I recently got a part of my brain activated, that I didn’t even know existed: I saw a Schwa poster somewhere and a tsunami of memories was activated in my brain. I am pretty sure they are mine (although no guarantee here, as usual), but I clearly remembered spending hours and hours on a strange and captivating website back in the last millenium. I now even remember going to the Forbidden Planet shop in London, asking for Schwa-basecaps and buying the last two.
    Now I understand, that I wasn’t the only person influenced by this strange art and it still somehow is a part of me and even my legacy.
    A mix of memory, nostalgia and sadness overcomes me and I didn’t even know bakc then, that there was a single person behind all this.
    So now I am only wondering: Is this person still alive? How is this human doing today?

  4. rabenaas sagt:

    I have no direct knowledge of Bill Barker’s wellbeing or whereabouts other than that he is calling himself „William Barker“ now and was using the name „alaVoid“ for some time now online. See his FB page here (last post 2015) https://www.facebook.com/alaVoid/

    I also found a formerly lost animation test for MTV in 1996: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z9E1t3ulhw

    And there is another Schwa enthusiast with a FB presence and some good posts/photos of Schwa stuff: https://www.facebook.com/schwa.worldwide/

  5. rabenaas sagt:

    Checking his (dead) Facebook page, I found one William Barker stating in a comment that he is starting over on Instagram under the name @ultraschwa

    Could very will be genuine.


  6. Linus sagt:

    New fan of Schwa here. Love everything I’ve been able to find so far.

    I did have a question though:
    Has anyone seen the Schwa shirt where the alien has a swirl on the forehead and it has a long text under it? It glows in the dark.
    I’m trying to find one and would love to have any help that people are willing to give in order to get ahold of it.

    Is anyone in here able to help me?

    Thanks for your time either way :)

  7. rabenaas sagt:

    Hi, Linus!

    While I can’t help you tracking down that shirt, I, too, remember it, and AFAIK the long text beneath the alien head is the „instructions“ text you can find in the Schwa posts here.

  8. Xan-Kun Clark-Davis sagt:

    I just found this https://odysee.com/@TheSchwaCorporation

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