Visions of the Future

Cyberpunk may be dead and we may be already living in our past future vision, but the megas out there have more in store for us. Our perception of the future is accelerating beyond belief, because any lack of real technological breakthroughs (like cyberware or flying cars) is being compensated by new tech that will radically transform how this future world looks and feels and interacts with us.

I have to stress this: The future of 2020, 2050, 2070 or 2100 will not have flying cities and people living on distant planets (like past generations envisioned it), it will not have flying cars and business meetings on the moon (like they thought in the 1950s), it may not even have real cyberlimbs or genetic augmentations (like some hope even today). It will, however, have entertainment, connectivity, video paper and phones and even glass that is distinctivly smarter than most of us…

This future world will be so complex that it will be possible to grasp it only fully when you are living in it. It is also FAR FAR less exiting to think about living in that future than it was in the 80s or 90s: „So we’ll have Augmented Reality? So what? Just another way my Facebook friends can send me invites for stupid social games.“

We will indeed be „amusing ourselves to death„. And we know it. And it’s not like we are anticipating this with baited breath. Au contraire: We are wishing to live in that future because it will offer better ways to get away from it (like Video Games in full VR mode).

When I was living in the 80s, I hoped to live long enough to experience 1999, the focal turning point for anything „future“. I wanted to live long enough to see the year 2000, maybe even 2010, maybe even

Now, living in 2012, I sure enjoy the new toys we got, and am looking forward to the new toys we’re getting in the near future … but the excitement and anticipation has been dampened a whole lot.

And this is beginning to affect my stance towards „former future“ games like Cyberpunk (or rather: my former Cyb3rpunk revision/reimagination of CP2020) and it is HEAVILY affecting my stance towards 4th edition of Shadowrun, an upcoming version of Shadowrun 2050 with SR4 rules and what a possible 5th edition should look and feel like.

When SR4 – „wireless edition“ – was released, I was sceptical and didn’t like it („it“ meaning the wifi world) that much. It took me a while to understand and accept that the vision of the future has to be adapted somewhat to our present world, because it’s kinda hard to imagine a future world that’s actually technologically behind our own, real world.

This attitude has since changed. And mostly because I rediscovered my love for classic (= not transhumanist) science fiction, like the Seaford Saga or the stories about Honor Harrington. In this science fiction, you have both technology that is so far beyond what we can hope to achieve in the next 200 years that my eyes are watering (fact: we couldn’t even go to the moon if our lives depended on it currently) AND that are clearly behind what we have achieved already (note: Honor Harrington doesn’t even have an iPhone).

All the tech that is hard to describe and put into game mechanics in a sci-fi setting (like the connectivity and social issues a wireless WWW has and will have) is being left out while „bigger“ technological advancements that are easier to grasp and introduce in a sci-fi setting, both as a concept and rules-wise (like space travel, or cybertech) are put forward.

Returning to Shadowrun, I now see what the appeal of the „cable matrix“ SOTA of 2050-2060 is – and can even see beyond that: How much appeal a world would have (as a game background, and also in respect to rules) in which the free and omnipresent internet never surfaced. Remember the days of AT&T and AOL dominance? Just add megacorporations and tighten the control even further: internet would be a kind of interactive TV, with the megas being the senders and the consumer being receivers – and nothing else.

Remember how it felt – actually FELT – to be amongst the „elite“ of the world just because you had the implant to dive into the matrix, and others didn’t? Remember the balls you had to have, facing off against the almighty power of the megas, battling them on their home turf, the matrix, liberating data?

I know that from our current day perspective this seems so remote, as our megas oftentimes give off the impression to understand less about the internet than every kid does – but that also means that being a hacker is not and will never be the same as being a DECKER.

OK, enough rambling:

Here are some videos of an increasing stream of videos about the future that’s about to hit us in the next, oh, 5–10 years. I sure will enjoy living then, but I’d like to PLAY in a world that is simpler and darker than our own, not one that’s even more complicated.

Shadowrun is a blend between fantasy and sci-fi. Let’s amp up the fantasy a bit (not in the sense of „more magic“ or „even more player races“, but in the sense of the general appeal of the fantasy genre in offering a simpler world we’d like to get away to), and tune down sci-fi to a gritty, dark, brooding cyberpunk theme where a lone guy with a gun and/or a deck just may make a difference – even when he’s not a dragon or IE.

Let this happen – in 2050 or 2075, I don’t care.


TRAVELLER Fight Cards + 9 NSCs

Nebenan beim TRAVELLER445 Blog vom Raben-AAS gibt es jetzt eine TRAVELLER Umsetzung der Fight Cards, die hier auf den Rabenwelten bereits einmal für Cyberpunk 2020 vorgestellt wurden.

Enjoy und share!

Happy New Year!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

Madison Square Garden can seat 20,000 people for a concert. This blog was viewed about 62,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Madison Square Garden, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

More Shadowrun Online News

Christmas 2011 marks the beginning of the Awakening, the return of magic to the world and also the first sighting of a dragon.

The Awakening is not only a great reason to have a huge Shadowrun party – like Das Erwachen TONIGHT here in Berlin – but also a good reason for Cliffhanger to send out some news regarding the upcoming best MMORPG of all times, Shadowrun Online:

Some time has passed since we last sent you an update about our upcoming Shadowrun Online Game. Over here at Cliffhanger Central, we have been busy with the beta of our current project Jagged Alliance Online, so SRO took a bit of a backseat. However as the fateful Christmas 2011 approaches, we will join the impending Awakening, and rise to go full force on SRO.

News from the Vaults

However we haven’t been slacking in the meantime either. Firstly, we have been gathering more of the creative talent behind Shadowrun such as Jason Hardy and a number of other current Catalyst writers as well Tobias Hamelmann from the German side and we are especially proud to count Tom Dowd – one of the original creators of Shadowrun – amongst the SHE (The Shadowrun High-Council of Elders, as we call our board of advisors). With them helping us to develop ideas and honing the design, we are now set to dig deeper into the 6th world and emerge with a number of plot nuggets that will define the backstories to our game.

Secondly we have already created a visual prototype for an action map level, which we are pretty happy with, so we wanted to share some impression of that with you as well. We hope it does capture the SR atmosphere and it also shows what we can do within a browser game (so for those who worried: We won’t do Shadowrunville).


The playable level currently is based on our Jagged Alliance Online gameplay, so a lot of things are missing from that, but it allows us to iterate the game early and often with a playable version, which always helps honing the gameplay much better. We are also playing around with visual effects as you can see as our artists like to fiddle with the possibilities of the graphics engine.

Dragons Away!

For those that haven’t got the Shadowrun timeline in mind: 2011 was the Year of Chaos (we can vouch for that) culminating in the Awakening of the great Dragons. Commemorating that, what better Christmas present than a cool picture of a freshly awakened dragon? This will actually become the background picture for our upcoming SRO webpage.  From the looks of it he/she doesn’t seem to be too happy about being awakened… As a special Christmas present you can find this ready to use for your new desktop wallpaper in our gallery.

With Jagged Alliance launching early next year to the public, we are doubling our efforts on SRO. We also have a couple of things we want to share with you, so you will definitely hear more from us in 2012.

For now we invite you to visit our Facebook page, where we regularly post small updates on the project (please make sure you “like” and share it with all your friends out there!) We are gearing up for a few surprises trying to self-publish SRO and working as close as we can with the backbone of the Shadowrun universe- namely you, the fans.  So do share the news with everyone as we can always use more support in our way forward.

See you in 2012 and remember….

Watch your back.
Shoot straight.
Conserve ammo.
And never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon.

Your Cliffhanger Productions Team


Just so you know who you’re pwning … Come, add and kill the most unknown celebrity of all.

News in eigener Sache

Ein extrem arbeitssames Dreivierteljahr liegt hinter mir, und auf der diesjährigen SPIEL in Essen waren einige Früchte jener Plackereien zu sehen, allen voran die SHADOWRUN Neuerscheinungen „Schattenrüstzeug“ (mit meinem ersten Abenteuer, Schattenkrieg, dass ich gemeinsam mit Torben Föhrder geschrieben habe) und das Quellenbuch „Rhein-Ruhr-Megaplex“ in der limited Edition.

Tja, und das wollte ich euch eben nicht vorenthalten.

Und ebenso – wenn auch aus anderen Gründen – wollte ich auf das neue Pegasus-Spiel „Nightfall“ aufmerksam machen, mit dem ich zwar (leider, bisher) nicht das Geringste zu tun habe, das ich aber für ein sehr interessantes und vielversprechendes Produkt halte.

Last but not least sei an meine Galerie auf Deviant Art erinnert, in der es nun einige Updates zu sehen gibt, nämlich ein paar wenige Beispiele des RRP-Artwork.

TRAVELLER445 gestartet

Nachdem schon SHADOWRUN BERLIN von hier weggehüpft ist zu seiner eigenen Domain, fliegt nun auch TRAVELLER hier raus und springt auf eine eigene Seite, namentlich wird aber anders als SHADOWRUN BERLIN völlig auf meine Kampagne fokussiert sein und SL-Support eher als „Abfallprodukt“ haben (da bleibt trotzdem genug zu gucken übrig, schon der Weltbeschreibungen wegen, da gibt’s auf deutsch ja nicht soviel).

Die Aufbauarbeiten an jener Seite erklären dann auch, warum es aktuell auf SRB keine neuen Onesheets o.ä. gibt – zumal die Arbeiten am Rhein-Ruhr-Buch für SHADOWRUN gerade erst abgeschlossen wurden (und mei, war da wieder viel zu machen).

Was letztlich aus den Rabenwelten wird? Gute Frage. Erstmal bekommen jene Spiele, die eine eigene Seite „brauchen“ eine solche, dann beschau ich mir, was ich mit dem Blog generell mache.

Carry on!