Blog | Funny T-Shirts

Ever since that golden day I bought my first shirt from the SCHWA corporation, I have been a big fan of „t-shirts with a message“. I mean, really: instead of wearing any of those „fake worn-out“ shirts with broken college or football emblems, you could just as easily wear a shirt that says „You only envy me because the voices won’t talk to you“ or „I’m from the bomb squad. If you see me run – FOLLOW!“.

So every now and then, I’ll present some of the funnier (or weirder) examples of t-shirts I stumbled upon while surfing the internet.

Shirt designs by Crack Smoking Shirts:


Shirt designs by Busted Tees:


Shirt designs by T-Shirt Hell:


Of course, all of these shirts become obsolete once Philip’s lumalive shirts hit the streets (better known by Cyberpunks as „Urban Flash“):