TRAVELLER Fight Cards + 9 NSCs

Nebenan beim TRAVELLER445 Blog vom Raben-AAS gibt es jetzt eine TRAVELLER Umsetzung der Fight Cards, die hier auf den Rabenwelten bereits einmal für Cyberpunk 2020 vorgestellt wurden.

Enjoy und share!

Blog | Inexhaustable D&D Dungeon Map Supply

For many D&D Gamemasters, this may be an old hat. But I discovered that even the oldest news is still utterly unknown to many, and since finding a decent map (or making one up on the fly because the players are already on their way to the game or decide to make a surprise turn during the session) is such a common concern for all gamemasters, I’ll say it nevertheless:

There is an almost inexhaustable supply of dungeon, castle, town, cavern, ship, fortress, temple, village, sewer and … everything … maps right on the Website of Wizards of the Coast!

It’s a little hard to find since they shifted everything to 4e, but the link to the 3.5 stuff is still there, and maps don’t come with an edition number, right?

Here’s the D&D dungeon and adventure maps archive

I especially recommend this section of the archive with tons of material!

SAGE ADVICE: Since it just MAY be that Wizards will at one point or the other REMOVE the archive in their effort to promote 4e and the 4e online services, I strongly suggest that you download ALL maps you might EVER need!


And if you should ever need MORE maps – or maps that are finetuned and customized to your needs – you can always use the Random Dungeon Generator.

Blog | D&D Random Dungeon Generator

This may be the single most useful tool you’ll find in the Internet: A wholly customizable Dungeon Generator. Just enter general dimension, denseness, even a % chance for secret or concealed doors, hit ENTER and -zoom- you’re there.

Here’s the link – and here’s a „random example“:


Notice the nice touch of the graphics? Like in the good ol‘ „D&D 1st edition“ days. Oh, and did I mention that the rooms are already randomly filled with monsters and include difficulty numbers for skill checks and all?

P.S.: The website also features a Random Town Generator, a Random Treasure Generator (actually they are two: one by item type, one by encounter) and a Random NPC Generator in 3.0 and 3.5.