Blog | Funny T-Shirts

Ever since that golden day I bought my first shirt from the SCHWA corporation, I have been a big fan of „t-shirts with a message“. I mean, really: instead of wearing any of those „fake worn-out“ shirts with broken college or football emblems, you could just as easily wear a shirt that says „You only envy me because the voices won’t talk to you“ or „I’m from the bomb squad. If you see me run – FOLLOW!“.

So every now and then, I’ll present some of the funnier (or weirder) examples of t-shirts I stumbled upon while surfing the internet.

Shirt designs by Crack Smoking Shirts:


Shirt designs by Busted Tees:


Shirt designs by T-Shirt Hell:


Of course, all of these shirts become obsolete once Philip’s lumalive shirts hit the streets (better known by Cyberpunks as „Urban Flash“):


Blog | Cyberpunk Fashion Scan

„Attitude is everything“ is and always has been the rallying cry for all true Cyberpunks. And what better to project one’s attitude than the way you dress and style yourself?

In this and other articles of the same venue, I’ll try to shed some light on the various fashion trends that make up Cyberpunk fashion. Today – and tomorrow. In addition to „classic“ EBM and Industrial fashion – and Gothic fashion galore, of course – you will also see what new technologies – like the „wearable computer“ – can contribute to future fashion trends.

For this first edition of the Cyberpunk Fashion Scan CFS, let’s take a look at shoes.

All of the following examples are real and actually quite buyable shoes from the German shop X-tra-x (available in German or English). I don’t know if they ship to customers outside Germany, but I think so. They are located here in Berlin and have greatly contributed to what can be called a „renaissance“ of hard combat boots.


Click on any thumbnail for a larger picture!

One of the pics above features a cool fashion item not for the foot, but the forearm. Have you discovered it? *g*

Please check also this website that features an ongoing Cyberpunk fashion project. And if you know other sites with or about Cyberpunk fashion, please leave a comment!