Ab Juni 2010: Ein neues Cyberpunk 2020 Setting!

256 Seiten stark. Ein neues Setting für Cyberpunk 2020 bzw das Inerlock System.

Was niemand mehr je für möglich gehalten hätte, scheint nun Wahrheit zu werden. Gut, es ist nicht die sehnlichst erwartete Meldung, dass Mike Pondsmith die v3 in die Tonne kloppt und CP2020 fortführt — aber offenbar ist eine neue CP2020 Lizenz rausgegangen, und GENESIS DESCENT ist das Resultat:

„Genesis Descent is a brand new setting using R. Talsorians Cyberpunk Interlock system. Life on Earth in 2054 is tough for many. Climate change and natural disasters have not only torn many from their usual way of life, but have also prompted conflict over scarce resources such as water in some areas. Meanwhile, technology brings more and more comfort to the privileged. Political and civil unrest, as well as outright war in some areas, has seen the geo-political landscape change. The empires of the late 20th and early 21st centuries are falling as new countries take advantage of the upheaval to assert their dominance. Amongst this turmoil, corporations have seized the initiative. In many areas, where governments don’t have the resources or stability to protect, treat or feed their citizens, corporations are the sole providers of law and infrastructure. America may have been the first country to send a man to the Moon, but it was a corporation that sent the first man to Mars.

Genesis Descent has three levels of play: Street, Company and Agent. Allowing players and Gamemasters to tailor the type of campaign they wish to play. From the ghettos and organized crime of shattered Los Angeles or London, through the halls of corporate-controlled states and their near orbit control centres, to UNIS Agents working tirelessly to assist governments and keep corporate power in check.

Genesis Descent is a dark, stark techno-thriller near-future setting where the world is falling apart as mankind reaches out to claim the stars…“

So der Werbetext der GENESIS DESCENT Bestellseite. Underscheinen soll es im Juni 2010.

Was das bedeutet? Wird man sehen. Zumindest scheint im Kadaver von CP2020 noch etwas Leben zu sein. Es könnte nochmal spannend werden!

GENESIS DESCENT gibt’s auch im F-Shop.