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Coca-Cola bekommt ein neues Design – und ich hätte Coke beim Shoppen gestern fast nicht erkannt! Laut Info der Verkäuferin handelt es sich „nur um eine Sonderedition zur Fußball EM“ – aber nach einem Blick auf die amerikanische Coca-Cola Website und in einige Blogs zum Thema habe ich da nne andere Theorie:

Coke bekommt ein grundsätzlich anderes, neues Gesicht!

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This may be TOTALLY off-topic in a RPG blog like this, but just yesterday I wanted to buy my rare supply of Coca-Cola, and I wasn’t able to find it! Only after passing the same crate for the third time, I discovered that this cola with the pure, simplistic red label isn’t yet another „no-name“ softdrink trying to look like a Coca-Cola knockoff, but „the real thing“ itself!

New Coke Design

Amazed (and a little puzzled, too) I went phishing … erh … fishing, trying to find any kind of „official“ info on this, and discvovered that The Coca-Cola Company (Atlanta) apparently has decided upon a complete relaunch of Coca-Cola, Coke zero and Diet Coke (which is called Coca-Cola light over here in Germany).

Well, the change in design MIGHT have been better introduced, but it sure looks nice and clean and not like the wild collection of „lets put another cool little doo-dad in that corner, there’s still some room left“-stuff it was before.

Some more info on the new look can be found here in this blog.

Thumbs up!

Oh, yeah: Coca-Cola, Coke, Diet Coke, the wave, the contour bottle and all that are registered trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company, and Coca-Cola as well as Diet Coke contain caffeine, BTW.