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Only three days ago, I found some new items on Schwa. Meanwhile, I have found some more As I was rummaging around wikipedia, I thought: „let’s check the discussion on the Schwa (art) article“. And voilà, there  I found info concerning someone or something called „Compuwatcher“ and the tidbit that said entity owns two schwa websites I never heard of before: and

The first features and older pic/screen of an original Bill Barker game (and a link to a sad parody of a schwa shop, obiously NOT by Bill), the second features an almost-wallpaper-sized quasi-schwa pic:


But it doesn’t stop here. Checking the name of the picture, I read „dellienware2_schwa copy.jpg“ and immediately noticed the name „dellienware“ – which I googled – and found an article about a corporation named Alienware (hint, hint) that apparently was bought by Dell in 2006, changing its name to Dellienware. And while I wasn’t able to find anything aboit Dellienware on wikipedia, I did find an article about Alienware – including a pic of their schwaistique logo:


What does that mean? I don’t know. Maybe Compuwatcher ripped off an old Alienware wallpaper and pasted „SCHWA“ on its forehead. Maybe Compuwatcher IS Dellienware – or former Dellienware – and Dell sold the corp and now they want to call themselves The Schwa Corporation (or Schwalienware, who knows). In any case it is quite unlikely that Bill Barker has any connection to the project(s) of Compuwatcher.

Also, some anonymous guy wrote this into the Schwa wikipedia discussion:

„As to his (Bill Barker’s) whereabouts just so you dont have to wonder I am his Nephew I saw this and He is in southern califnornia though I cant tell where for fear he may be bothered by people but he is not well, mentally he takes alot of medicine and you can never expect any more schwa stuff out of him, sadly I put this in so people dont have to wonder about it“

Info and author are totally unverified, however.

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