Blog | d6 Rules + License for free!

West End Games‘ d6 system is and has always been one of my favorite RPGs. It’s simple, easy to learn and highly flexible, making it the ideal „backbone“ for a limitless variety of worlds and settings. Above all, it is a cinematic RPG that allows for a kind of storytelling like you see in the movies – where the action hero may be „just a normal guy“ (without superpowers) but who still has some kind of „edge“ that helps him do stuff „normal people“ just can’t do.

The following is not an official press release, but Eric Gibson, the WEG publisher, has just posted this in the forum on their website at

I have some stuff to put in place before I can release an official press release to the effect, but I thought I’d let everyone here know what I have planned for D6.

Shortly, I’m going to be releasing the D6 System license for free. Although in the past it was effectively free, there was still some confusing aspect to the license which prevented publisher from understanding the cost and reimbursement aspects of the license. That is all changing. The D6 will be totally free to use for commercial and non-commercial purposes, and without restriction. It is not going to be released under the OGL per se, but anyone wishing to use the license will be able to do so but filling out a form on the website.

I’ll also be releasing an SRD so that players can get the basics of the system for free. I’m hoping this will help turn players on to the D6 System and increase the player base.

I for one am thrilled by this news!
Generation Z, here I come :)


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